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Dated: March 13 2020

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Our FREE HomeOwnership Game Plan helps you buy a home

and  STOP PAYING RENT forever!


Watch the brief video, this may be the help you've been looking for!

HomeOwnership Game Plan

We have helped hundreds of First Time Buyers and Renters purchase a home. Many of them had been wanting to purchase a home for years but they thought that they were stuck renting because they were afraid their credit was not good enough to buy a home, or that they didn't have enough money for a down payment and closing costs and/or they really had no idea how to go about buying a home or where to go for help.

So, many renters just continue to pay their rent every month because they didn't know what else to do.

Eventually they may hear about a friend who purchased a home and they are able to find out how they did it. Sometimes someone they work with bought a home and they talked to them. In some cases they may have seen an ad or a notice with the name of a person to call if they were interested in buying a  home. In any event, there is usually something they see or hear that gives them hope that maybe they can somehow find a way to buy a home. Then, they eventually decide to make a call to talk to someone and see if there might be someone that can help them.

If they happen to call us when they make that first phone call we let them know that about 70% of the Renters we meet can usually buy a home within 12 months of starting the HomeOwnership Game Plan. Some are able to actually purchase a home in as little as 30 to 45 days. We explain our service in detail and let them know that it all starts with us getting to know them, their family and their financial situation. This will help make the Game Plan more meaningful, and makes it easier to implement and have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

For them to complete their Game Plan it is extremely important that they are committed to the process with reasonable expectations. We provide them with a timetable for completion because it is important that they are able to experience successes along the way and see the progress that they are making.

The first week is spent gathering their information, running and updating their credit report, reviewing pay stubs, tax returns, bank accounts, etc. It is very important that the process is built around their comfort level, especially regarding the monthly house payment that fits their budget. 

We review their credit report to determine if there are any credit issues that must be dealt with because the loan options that they have available to them will depend in large part on their credit scores, their work income, the current level of their monthly payment obligations and other debts. At that time we are usually able to identify the monthly house payment they can be approved for and the type of home loans they are eligible for, the down payment they will be required to make, and the possibility that they might be eligible for some of the special down payment assistance grants available at that time.

This gives us the information needed to establish the price range for their purchase. At that time we can then begin work on building their home search so that they can start the process of reviewing homes "online". We will then talk about the areas they are considering living in, home features important to them, square footage that they need, age of the home that they are comfortable with and what kind of updates they require or the repairs that they might be willing to make. It is also important to remember that these thoughts are rarely set in stone because it is entirely probable that their thoughts regarding the home and other factors will change while they are going through this process.

I hope this presents a good overview of what is required to make this a successful journey.

Remember: You Can Take That First Step By Calling 405-210-5319 And Telling Us That You Are Ready To Become A HomeOwner!

Summary of HomeOwnership Game Plan

The Comprehensive A to Z Plan to Help Renters "Stop Paying Rent Forever" and Become A HomeOwner

  1. Gather and Process All Information From Renter Needed to Determine Home Loan Options That Renter Is Eligible For.
  2. If Renter Is Not Eligible For a Home Loan at This Time Then Give the Renter Detailed Steps to Take to Improve Their Credit and Work with Them Until The Renter Can Be Approved for a Home Loan.
  3. Fully Explain Home Loan Options Available to Renter Once the Renter Has Been Pre-Approved, Explaining the Program Differences and Assist Renter in Selecting Their Financing Option. Refer a Great Lender to the Renter to Work in Getting the Renter Approved for the Home Loan They Selected.
  4. Identify Costs Involved in the Financing Program Selected and Price Range for Renter Based on Financing Program Selected and the Monthly Payment Amount the Renter Has Budgeted For.
  5. Build a Custom Home Search for the Homes That Meet the Needs of the Renter, Located in Their Preferred Areas and In Their Budgeted Price Range.
  6. Show Available Homes to the Renters Until They Find the Home They Want to Purchase and Assist Them In Making Offers Until They Have a Home Under Contract.
  7. Now, We Will Work With the "Future HomeOwner" and Provide Guidance Throughout the Balance of the Buying/Closing Process. This Includes Inspections, Appraisals, Title and Closing, Homeowners Insurance, Providing Assistance with Steps Involved with the Processing of the Home Loan, etc. 
  8. If There Are Any "Hiccups" Along the Way We Are Also There, Right Beside the "Future HomeOwner", to Provide Advice/Recommendations Regarding any Problems That Need To Be Dealt With.
  9. Sign the Purchase Documents, Get the Keys You Are Now a HomeOwner. 
  10. We Will Always Be Your Realtor and Want You to Consider Us Your "Go To Guy" For All Your Real Estate Needs.

If you have questions about how we can help you with your HomeOwnership Game Plan, or if you are ready to get started, as I said earlier, just give us a call at 405-210-5319 and tell us that you are ready to become a HomeOwner!

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