First Time Buyers and Renters - Common Concerns

Dated: November 24 2020

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If you are a First Time Buyer or Renter thinking about Buying a home, maybe in the next 2 to 6 months, you may be concerned about some of the things we are going to be talking about in today's Video.

Many of these concerns are things you will want to discuss with your

Realtor while you are winding your way along the Path To HomeOwnership.

In this Video, I am going to discuss some of the things you might be concerned about, and I will give you some valuable tips about how to avoid these problems in order to have a great home-buying experience, one that is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

You have probably spent a considerable amount of time searching the internet for any info you can get your hands on, such as how you can work to get the best interest rate available. Your Realtor should work hand in hand with you to help you get the best interest rate and home loan available for your situation. One of the most important things Realtors do with Buyers is to fully review their situation so that they can recommend the home loan that is a great fit for their situation.

I'm Kyle Noe with First United Realty and I have been helping First Time Buyers and Renters with the home-buying process right here in the OKC Metro area since 1989.

I provide you with a series of Videos to help you along the way and I am also available to answer any questions you may have.

I also have several free reports that I can share with you that you might find helpful. When you are renting, Rent amounts can fluctuate based on supply and demand. When owning a home, your principal and interest payments are fixed. However, taxes, insurance and HOA fees can fluctuate. If the principal and interest payment fits your budget, you want to make sure the added costs of property taxes, homeowners insurance and HOA fees are taken into account when you are budgeting your overall monthly payment. The area and price range you choose to buy in also affects this factor. Again, your Realtor should be offering you solid advice about how this effects YOUR personal situation. Fully understanding all the factors that make up

your monthly payment will help avoid any surprises down the road once you're in your new home!

It is important that you have given serious thought about the home features that are most important to you and other family members. Do you need any extra space just in case your family "expands"? While you probably don't expect to live in the home for the next 30 years, it's good if the home will accommodate your family for 5 to 10 years, or longer.

You should also think about the current condition of the home and be prepared for future repairs. Thoroughly review the Seller's Property Condition Disclosure Form to evaluate the property condition. Then, be sure to get a professional Home Inspection. The Home Inspection will help point out things that might need some attention soon, and whether or not you might want to consider purchasing a home warranty to help with the cost for future repairs. Being prepared for unexpected home repair costs will definitely go a long way to add peace of mind when you make your home purchase.

Again, thanks for joining me today. I hope you got some useful information from this Video. If you have any unanswered questions at this time please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 405-210-5319 and you might want to keep an eye open for future Videos.

If you enjoy looking at homes "online” I will be glad to email you homes that match what you’re looking for in a home.

Just text 405-679-2583 and I will email you homes to review soon. I hope to see you at the next Video! Bye-bye

- Kyle Noe

First United Realty

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